Whether you’re looking to re-do your countertop or you’re having a new countertop installation put in, you likely have many questions and decisions to make. After deciding on the right material, color and fit choices for your countertop, there comes the question of thickness.

And while you wouldn’t think that countertop thickness would be a major decision – it can make a huge difference that will affect many other aspects of your project, so it’s vital to understand the difference and choose the one that’s right for your needs. This post will help guide you toward choosing the countertop thickness that works best for your home.

Two Types of Countertop Thickness – 2cm (3/4”) versus 3cm (1¼”)

Can one centimeter really make that much difference? It doesn’t seem like it would, yet countertops have many different uses. The right thickness not only ensures years of dependable use, but also helps your countertop maintain its aesthetic appeal. Both have their benefits, and the main differences in thickness will change things such as the durability, how much labor is needed, the pricing and so forth.

However, different countertop thicknesses are best depending on your goals for your countertops, where they’ll be located, and what other elements will be around them. For example:

When to Use 2cm Countertop Thickness:

Two centimeter countertop thickness is ideal for a more minimalistic, sleek style. You’ll have to consider how much wear and tear your countertop will undergo, however. If you plan on sitting lots of bulky, heavy items on it, or you have kids who love to climb (and what kid doesn’t!), a 2cm countertop may become damaged sooner.

As an example, if you’re designing an eat-in kitchen or breakfast nook, you’ll no doubt know that your countertops will see a lot of usage. While you can choose a 2cm thick countertop, the top will need more reinforcement to help prevent cracking or breaking.

If cost is a concern, 2cm thick countertops may be a better option, simply because there’s less labor and materials involved. And while the material is easier to install owing to its lightweight makeup, it is also more fragile. Depending on where it will be used, there may be additional supports like brackets or plywood used in certain areas.

If aesthetics are the most important point, you should know that 2cm countertop edges often have a small strip of the same material used to make the countertop, applied to their perimeter before the profile is cut. This will make the seams of the cut visible, however it still creates a very popular beveled style that perfectly accentuates many kitchens and baths.

Overall 2cm countertop thickness is ideal for vertical applications, such as fireplaces, backsplashes, wall tile and more.

When to use 3cm Countertop Thickness

Three centimeter countertop thickness is perfectly at home in horizontal placements like countertops, tables, bar tops and more. Their durability and lasting traditional appeal have made 3cm countertops a mainstay in many homes. In addition to be able to hold more weight, 3cm countertops can also have an edge profile that offers far more versatility in design and style than a 2cm countertop. From chiseled stone or a more classic look, there’s a lot to love about the many countertop choices available.

One consideration to keep in mind is that, due to their thickness, the 3cm thick countertops do add more bulk and weight on top of your cabinets of flooring. However, they are strong enough to be able to support their weight independently, so you don’t need to worry about having support pieces or brackets installed as in the case with many 2cm applications.

In addition, it’s worth noting that the extra thickness does come at a price, however don’t let this scare you off of a more durable, lasting choice. Because the slabs are sturdier and easier to handle, the installation process can go much more smoothly. The durability of these thicker countertops also adds to their longevity, so you won’t need to worry about replacing or remodeling your countertops in the future.

Still Have Questions About Which Countertop Thickness to Choose?

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