What is Cabinetry Refacing?

Cabinetry refacing is a process that involves removing the doors, drawers, and cabinet front panels of your kitchen or bathroom cabinets to expose the wood from beneath. The surfaces are then sanded down and resurfaced with a new veneer for a fresh look. Cabinets can be refaced in order to refresh worn-out finishes or make them more suitable for certain styles like modern kitchens. 

Cabinet refacing is cost-effective because it's cheaper than replacing all of your cabinetry at once and only takes about one to two weeks to complete! It may also save you some time as well - brand new cabinets require months of waiting, and refacing material is more likely to be available.

If you're looking into cabinet refacing or want to know more, these are some frequently asked questions about cabinet refacers and how they can help you!

Q: What do you need for Cabinetry Refacing?

A: When looking into cabinet refacing, most homeowners wonder what they'll have to change about their residence. You don't have to put in all-new cabinets; in fact, you can simply reface the existing ones as long as they're in good shape. 

Cabinet refacers will remove doors, drawers, and front panels before sanding and resurfacing the box with a new finish. Each layer of wood is fine-sanded by hand so that no one area takes longer than another. They'll then put the pieces back together with new hardware, new doors, drawer fronts and new drawer boxes allowing you to enjoy a fresh look that's customized to your current style and taste!

Q: Does Cabinet Refacing save me money?

A: Not only does cabinet refacing save you time spent shopping for new cabinets, but it can also save you money on remodeling costs! When you replace all your cabinets at once, you're putting a lot more money into the work that's being done and sometimes it can take weeks to complete. Cabinet refacing gives you the same result for less of an investment! Plus, if you've been waiting around for better prices on new cabinets, chances are they'll become available before your refacing project is finished.

Q: Can I Add projects along with refacing?

A: If you want to go for the full home makeover, we can help we! We don't just work on cabinets; we can also replace your countertops, Sink, for a full kitchen make-over, flooring, backsplash, etc...

Cabinet refacing is an excellent way to get a new look for your kitchen or bathroom without having to buy all-new cabinets. Not only can you save some money, but it's also a unique project that will give you something else to talk about when you have friends over! 

What are the Benefits of Cabinet Refacing?

There are numerous benefits to cabinet refacing and remodeling. The most important of these is that it is a less expensive alternative than a complete replacement, which provides you with the opportunity to update your kitchen at a fraction of the cost. Most homeowner's insurance policies will reduce your premiums if you choose to have an appraiser come out and sign off that you have remodeled your home. It's the same as renovating, but without the added cost of demolishing and rebuilding.

Why You Should Consider Cabinet Refacing?

You should consider cabinet refacing because it is less expensive than building a whole new kitchen. This option will allow you to update the look of your kitchen without having to spend thousands of dollars that would be necessary with a completely new structure. It's called "refacing" because all surfaces are redone, but the cabinets remain in place. Cabinet refacing can be done in a couple of weeks, compared to how long it would take to completely remodel. You will also avoid the mess that construction brings with cabinet refacing.