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Rich Q.

Our home's very small laundry room has gone through several minor remodels, but always based upon the restriction that side by side washer and dryer units were necessary due to my wife would not be able to conveniently reach the dryer's control panel if the units were stacked. Although the previous remodel in 2014 added a nice counter with sink, half of the countertop and its base cabinet's shelves were blocked by the dryer. However, recently LG came out with their "WashTower", a single unit with washer below, dryer above, and the controls for both in a single panel midway between. A game changer! So, to the drawing board to replace the old washer and dryer with the new WashTower unit, This entailed replacement of all cabinets on one wall, replacement of all of the room's flooring, and relocation of the dryer's electrical plug . This would open up the space occupied by the single unit dryer and really increase the functionality of the room.

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