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Featuring Full-Sized Caesarstone® Quartz Slabs at America’s Dream HomeWorks’ Showroom

Custom, In-House Fabrication & Professional Countertop Installation

  • Long lasting warranty
  • Stain resistance
  • Scratch resistance
  • Mould and mildew resistance
  • Chip and crack resistance
  • Heat and burn resistance
  • Resistance to chemicals, acids and solvents
  • Immunity to freezing and thawing

CaesarStone Countertops

Caesar Stone

CaesarStone quartz has many benefits and features over other natural countertop stones. On the Mohs scale, CaesarStone quartz is a seven. The Mohs scale measures how hard a mineral is. For example, a diamond is a 10, which is the hardest natural stone. Quartz is safer, cleaner and has a better consistency than other natural surfaces. CaesarStone offers a better consistency than other natural stones, which are known to be veined with flaws.

CaesarStone countertops are crack, stain, heat, and scratch resistant. You can also use household cleaning products and is resistant to mildew and mold. Quartz is nonporous, nonabsorbent and keeps it’s natural color through the years.

It’s Natural Beauty

CaesarStone is composed of 93% quartz, and is resistant to household chemicals, moderate heat, scratches and stains.

Low Maintenance, Classy Style

When you install CaesarStone countertops, you’ll never have to worry about sealing it as it’s nonporous, hard surfaces makes it easy for you to clean. Most of the time, all you need to do to clean it is soap and water or a mild detergent

Captivating Colors

Ceasar Colors

CaesarStone’s development team is always creating new, breakthrough colors and designs that influence timeless modern trends. You can click on the “Colors” tab to view the latest color options.

Edge Profile Selection

CaesarStone quartz countertops allow homeowners the ability to choose from a variety of edge profile designs. You can click on “Edge Options” above to learn more.

Look and Feel

CaesarStone quartz countertops promote the tactile qualities and coolness of natural stone. It also contains a special variety of quartz materials to create beautiful color blends that offer unlimited combinations of visual textures. Most of the colors offered are available in three finishes, including matte, textured, and polished.

Lifetime Warranty

CaesarStone quartz surfaces offers the first lifetime warranty that covers the stone for as long as you own your house.

Product Comparison

Product Compare

CaesarStone Colors

Please note that though these colors are close to what the actual material looks like, we highly recommend you visit our showroom to see these colors and designs in person.


Speak to an America’s Dream HomeWorks specialist to help you with the selection of CaesarStone countertop color and edge choices available to you.

CaesarStone Edge Profiles

Silestone Edge Profiles

*Any special edges available upon request. Speak to an America’s Dream HomeWorks specialist to help you with the selection of Silestone countertop color and edge choices available to you.

CaesarStone Countertops Installation

CaesarStone Countertop Installation Experts for Your Kitchen

Are you a homeowner searching for new kitchen countertops to replace your old Formica or tile material? If you want to give your kitchen countertops a facelift, you will need to contact us at America’s Dream HomeWorks for all your CaesarStone installation needs. We offer a large variety of beautiful styles, colors and designs you can choose from that would look perfect in your kitchen. We specialize in installing and fabricating CaesarStone quartz countertops in your kitchen.

Large Selection of CaesarStone Quartz Countertops Available

Large Select

Have you been searching for the right countertops for your kitchen but you can’t seem to find a material that fits your budget or your style? Then you need to contact us at America’s Dream HomeWorks today so we can show you our large selection of beautiful quartz countertops for you to choose from.We offer quartz countertop fabrication and installation at affordable prices that will fit within any budget. You can choose from a variety of colors, designs and styles when you browse through our selection of quartz countertops.

We Fabricate and Install CaesarStone Countertops

Once you choose your favorite quartz countertop you can count on us to fabricate and install your countertops for your kitchen. We are specialists in CaesarStone installation and fabrication and our design specialist will walk you through the entire process from start to finish to make sure you are always in the know when it comes to your home remodeling project. To get started with your new quartz countertop replacement for your kitchen, all you need to do is fill out our online contact form to request a free in-home estimate on how much it’ll cost to replace your current kitchen countertops with new CaesarStone quartz countertops.

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