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Bill T.

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, or for that matter, do any type of renovation in your home, ADH is the way to proceed. From beginning to end, the process was smooth, businesslike, and in fact, pleasant. How many can say that about a home remodel? ADH was on time, efficient, cooperative, and made you feel, as a homeowner, that you mattered in decisions that affected your home. Prior to hiring ADH, I heard horror stories about hiring people for home renovations. None of this happened with ADH. Clearly, it is the people who work for ADH that make things run efficiently. I would like to acknowledge certain people(among the many such as the plumbers, electrician, flooring technician, painters, etc.) who made the process run so smoothly. Osa, who began the process for us with her planning the layout of the kitchen, Vlad K., who handled the measurements and final layout, Julie T., who kept us informed as to the progress of the renovation with her friendly, always available, style. Special thanks to Vlad G., the production manager, who was on site almost every day providing assistance and guidance to me and my wife. Frankly, I don't know how we would have handled things without Vlad G. His positive attitude and friendliness is what helped us alot. Vlad G. would always say, "No worries, we can do that...", as my wife and I would suggest changes along the way. I think ADH should feel really fortunate and proud to have such employees in the organization.

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