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Considering Home Remodeling? Here’s What You Need to Know About Lead Safety

EPA Lead-Safe
As a homeowner considering a remodel, you likely have many questions and concerns – but one of those concerns that is often overlooked is the presence of lead in the home. If your home was built in 1978 or before, it may contain lead. The health risks of lead contamination are very serious and can adversely affect children, pregnant women, adults and construction workers. High levels of lead in the blood can lead to permanent brain damage. Even small amounts of lead are a high risk for small children.

Lead Poisoning

Lead poisoning – especially long term exposure in children, can lead to nervous system and kidney damage as well as attention deficit disorder, learning disabilities as well as impediments in speech, language and behavior. For pregnant women, lead can be passed from the mother to the fetus and can lead to miscarriages, premature birth, brain damage and low birth weight.

As you can imagine, this is a very serious and ever-present danger in older homes. And it’s not just lead paint you should be worried about. Other areas of your home which can hide lead or lead coating include:

  • Doors and windows
  • Wall surfaces (drywall, paneling, plaster)
  • Cabinets
  • Baseboards
  • Crown moldings
  • Door trim
  • And much more.

At America’s Dream HomeWorks, we understand you have a lot on your mind when it comes to home renovation and remodeling. Lead should be the least of your concerns but for many homeowners it can pose a significant danger. All of our contractors and specialists are EPA certified in the proper handling and disposal of lead – including hazardous lead paint.

We are an EPA Lead-Safe Certified Renovator

We also follow all lead-safe work practices, keeping each and every construction site properly contained to not only meet EPA guidelines – but exceed them. When searching for a contractor for your home remodeling or renovation needs, look for the EPA’s “Lead-Safe Certified Firm” logo as well as the contractor’s certification number under it.

All of our technicians and contractors are properly certified and trained to conduct home renovations dealing with lead repair and painting and follow all lead-safe work practices on site before, during and after construction. Whether you’re remodeling a single room or your entire home, being safe and following the stringent guidelines related to lead paint and other lead-containing products is our foremost priority for your safety and the safety of your family.

Work With Us

If you are concerned about lead paint or lead products in your home and you’re looking to have renovation or remodeling work done – don’t just trust any contractor to keep you and your loved ones safe. Call America’s Dream HomeWorks or fill out the form on our website with more information. Our EPA-certified specialists will visit your home and learn more about the remodeling project you have in mind, as well as give you special pamphlets that explain the dangers of lead and proper lead removal, so you can enjoy greater safety and peace of mind. Contact us today to learn more!

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